Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canada Post: Still lying after all these years

I was always shocked at the outright lies Canada Post got away with telling the media. Canada Post would say something absolutely false and the media would repeat it simply because Canada Post said it and there was absolutely no consequences whatsoever for lying to the media.

Evey round of contract negotiations Canada Post would send out a press release and say that horrible union has so many demands it would cost us millions of dollars to pay for all their demands. This round they are saying it again only that perpetual compulsive lie has become so absurd it is now offensive.

Canada Post is Demanding the employees take huge roll backs again. They already stole the employees severance pay. Now they want to steal their pensions and their sick leave. That is offensive. Someone in some office had the bright idea that if they did away with pensions and sick leave they would save a lot of money. So here's the math. Canada Post makes an absurd and offensive demand saying that they want to steal sick time, steal pensions and greatly roll back wages for new employees. They calculate how much money their roll backs could save then they tell the media that the Union's offer of maintaining the status quo will cost them $1.4 billion. Billion!?

The Union wants the status quo. The Corporation wants huge roll backs. The Union objects and Canada Post tries and makes it sound like the Union is asking for more things that will cost over a billion of dollars. That is an absurd lie and because it rationalizes their plan to steal sick leave and steal pensions it is an offensive lie.

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Anonymous said...

its all very confusing for the average joe like me to understand what the facts really are...i just read that the union is demanding pay increases of 3.9% this year and the 2.75% each of the next 3 while letter mail volume has dropped 17% in the last 5 yrs and will continue to drop, and there is a 3.2 billion dollar pension deficit...while canada post is offering smaller wage increases in each of the next 4 yrs and job security and pension benefits...if thats the truth then the union should stfu...i haven't seen a wage increase in 10 yrs and have no pension-welcome to the private sector

Finian said...

Come on Tony, you can do better than that. It’s not really confusing unless you listen to Canada Post. Canada Post wants to steal the employee’s sick leave and their pensions. They published a letter from Catherine no too Swift to support that unscrupulous quest. That has been documented so there really is nothing confusing about it.

As for the billion dollar deficit we’ve already talked about that. Before Moya Greene came to Canada Post the Corporation was an efficient profit making dividend paying cash cow for the government. In one foul swoop of her misguided axe she turned the profit making company into a company that was $2.5 billion in debt by borrowing money for new technology that doesn’t work and has wrecked complete havoc on the work floor.

They deregulated the pension after the employees told them not too and lost a fortune in the plan from high risk stocks. As a result the employees had to make up for their mistake and give up their severance pay. Now Canada Post wants the employees to pay for another huge mistake they made. Enough is enough.

The pilot project in Winnipeg was a complete disaster. They tried the same thing in Moncton with an equally disastrous result. The Union won a grievance halting that disaster in Moncton and Canada Post wants to change key words in the contract so they can perpetuate that disaster across the country. It’s not about the money. It’s about destroying the company on purpose.

trailrunner78 said...

Well, if you don't bankrupt Canada Post, then you can't sell it off/privatize it to "save" it.....

Finian said...

Evidently that’s the agenda. Sabotage mail volumes so they can privatize it. Sadly that will reduce dividends paid to the government and taxpayer will have to come up with the lost tax revenue.