Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Canada Post Locks out Employees

So how does this work? Lock out your employees then get a Harper majority to legislate them back to work with a legislated contract. That seems so Stalin.

Canada Post wanted to steal the employees pension. The employees voted 94.5% against the treasonous plot. Canada Post had an agenda and refused to budge. The Union started rotating strikes. The mail still went through but it was a symbolic gesture objecting to their obsessive roll backs after 16 years of consecutive profit.

Canada Post claimed mail volumes were down and started alternate day delivery. Then they saw this wasn't going to accomplish their goal of stealing the employees pensions so they decided to lock them out and get a legislated settlement allowing them to steal the employees pensions. That is sad.

Then they throw in the we don't want to be a burden on the tax payer lie. Canada Post has made a steady profit for 16 years. Canada Post has not been a burden on the tax payer during that time. Instead, Canada Post has been a cash cow for the government paying record tax and dividends.

Privatizing Canada Post like they want to will lose that tax revenue. Privatizing Canada Post to their friends like the BC Rail scandal will force an increase in taxes to compensate for the lost tax revenue. It's time Canada Post stop lying. Clear cutting profitable jobs from the Canadian economy is a bad precedent for everyone.

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